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◣ Our Tampa PEO Company Provides Comprehensive Payroll and HR Solutions for Florida Small Business Owners

Value PEO provides affordable payroll administration and human resource services to companies in Tampa and throughout Florida. We’re different than most PEO companies because of our remarkably low-cost fees and our commitment to working directly with our clients.

Our office is located in Tampa, near HWY 301 and Adamo Drive. View on a map.

We Handle Payroll Processing and HR Services for You

Value PEO’s cost-effective solutions include payroll, human resources, workers’ comp, and benefits administration. We understand effort in these areas is a non-revenue generating activity for your business and can divert valuable resources away from the very heart of your organization.

Partnering with Value PEO will streamline your back office and insulate you and your company from the challenges of being an employer, while putting more time and money back into your business!

Get Expertise from an Employee Leasing Services Company

As a leading Tampa, Florida Professional Employer Organization PEO, (sometimes referred to as Employee Leasing or Payroll Leasing Company) Value PEO’s one-source solution provides an efficient and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to manage employer services — HR, Payroll, Worker’s Comp.

Whether you’re an accountant, an electrician, a retailer, a doctor, or a major manufacturer you can count on Value PEO for all the expertise, guidance and support you need to meet your HR challenges head-on while your company continues to successfully compete in today’s increasingly dynamic markets.

Contact Value PEO today for a no-obligation quote and see just how much your company can save!

Outsource your Payroll Processing and Paycheck Distribution

Payroll administration is the # 1 task for small businesses to outsource. Our Tampa payroll outsource experts make it less expensive and simpler than trying to do it in-house. We ensure timely paycheck payments, accurate filings of payroll taxes and a variety of other customized payroll related services

  • Process and distribute payroll—accurately and on time
  • Monitor payroll and tax laws to maintain compliance
  • Handle payroll and employment tax payments
  • Prepare and deliver W-2s and year-end distributions
  • Complete and file government compliance forms
  • Administer all types of payroll deductions
  • Provide job costing and payroll reporting
  • Prepare and submit direct deposits
  • Track and process Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Provide convenient options such as prepaid payroll cards

We Manage Workers’ Comp Issues for You

One of the most frustrating, difficult and time consuming aspects of managing your business is having to deal with worker’s compensation insurance issues. It’s important to have an experienced partner who can help you avoid or minimize employee work injury claims or efficiently deal with them if they do occur.

  • Help you find affordable, high quality workers’ compensation insurance
  • Access to pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance
  • Efficiently handle all workers’ compensation and unemployment claims and payments
  • Value PEO ensures that only valid claims are processed and paid
  • Optimize return-to-work programs
  • Protect you from employee liability claims through expert EPLI coverage management
  • Implement risk management best practices to reduce financial exposure

Provide More Attractive Employee Benefit Plans

We find that most business owners in Tampa and around Florida really do want to provide the best possible benefits packages for their employees — they just want to provide those plans at affordable prices. Learn how we can help.

  • ACA consultation and compliance
  • Medical and ancillary benefit options
  • Pre-tax deductions and reporting
  • Benefits enrollments
  • Ongoing employee benefits support

Partner with Local Human Resource Administration Experts

We manage HR administration so you don’t have to. That allow your business to get high quality human resource support at affordable prices — often without having to hire an HR employee. Learn more about our custom programs for benefits management and employee administration.

  • Supply employee handbooks and implement best practices to improve communication and safety
  • Provide managers and employees with fast HR answers and full support
  • Manage state unemployment claims
  • Monitor OSHA, EEOC and Workers’ Comp Laws and Tax Codes to ensure compliance
  • Leverage health reform incentives and tax credits to protect the bottom line

Why Value PEO?

payroll help for my businessWhat makes us the best Tampa PEO company for your business and how are we different from others?

Simply put, Value PEO passes savings on to our client companies by keeping our overhead low — this keeps your costs low and allows Value PEO to deliver the most affordable high quality employer services in the market.

We understand that passion and profits are the lifeblood of your business.

Our affordable employee management services will help to improve your bottom line, while giving you more time to focus on what is important – growing your business.

Ready to learn more about how a Tampa PEO company can help your business run more efficiently? Call (888) 936-5983 Today!

Tired of Doing Payroll?

  • We handle Payroll Admin and HR for you
  • Save time, frustration and money!
  • Pay your employees on time and correctly
  • Stay compliant with State and Federal taxes filings

We partner with Florida Business Owners who need help better managing their Payroll and HR tasks.

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